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Felip's Auto Service is a father and son owned business. Together we have over 30 years of experience in the automotive repair field. We are certified Master Technicians, OEM trained and hold multiple degree's in Automotive Technologies. We are also firm believers in continued education and support programs to insure the best service possible for our customers.


We are a full service facility ready to take care of all your automotive needs.


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Our service center is located at 200 E. Michigan Ave. in Saline, Michigan.

What's New?

Felip's Auto Service can now perform a full 4-wheel alignment for your vehicle.  A total alignment will give your vehicle better gas mileage and improved handling.


How important is wheel alignment?

Think of it this way:  Research indicates that the average car is drive about 12,000 miles per year.  A car with toe alignment just 0.34 degrees (just 0.17 inches) out of specification has dragged its tires sideways for more than 68 miles by the end of the year!


What are the "symptoms" of a car that's out of alignment?

Have your car checked if you notice:

• Excessive or uneven tire wear.

• Steering wheel pulls to the left or right.

• Feeling of looseness or wandering.

• Steering wheel vibration or shimmy.

• Steering wheel is not centered when car is moving straight ahead.


How often should I have my car aligned?

Follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation noted in your owner's manual.  As a general rule, have your vehicle's tires check every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.



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Felip's Auto Service

200 E. Michigan Ave.   Saline, MI 48176

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